Feeding and Humane Treatment

At Triangle B Ranch, they follow a traditional, authentic Japanese feeding program which has been adopted for their area. All of their rations are All Natural and hormone free.

Calves are raised on their mother’s milk and are allowed free choice developer creep feed in the pastures until they are 5-6 months of age. Then, they are fence weaned so they are kept in sight of their mothers. This provides a natural and healthy process which aids in keeping them from developing stress and sickness.

The weaned calves are fed this same developer ration until they reach 12 months of age. Then, their ration is changed to their grower/finisher ration for the next 12 months or until they reach 24 months of age. From here the ration is changed to their final finisher which is fed until the calves are harvested at about 30 months of age. These rations allow the animals to gain weight naturally and eliminate the need for fed antibiotics like Rumensin or other buffers to keep the animals healthy. The long feeding program produces much healthier beef as documented by Dr. Stephen B. Smith at Texas A&M University.

During their entire lives, the cattle are treated with the utmost respect and receive all calf-hood vaccinations and boosters according to veterinary standards. In addition, they receive worming/parasite treatments from time-to-time to ensure the best quality of life. Triangle B Ranch has a humane animal practice plan which can be viewed on their website which can be accessed from the home page of this website.

Triangle B Ranch continually aims to produce its Wagyu feeder cattle in a natural and healthy way, which is increasingly important to consumers conscious about their health and the environment.