Exclusive Distributor of Wagyu Beef

TBR Wagyu Beef LLC
From our Farm to your Fork, All Natural Wagyu Beef!

Full-blood Wagyu Cattle in Oklahoma City

We Provide Prime Plus Wagyu Beef in Oklahoma City, Stigler, Tulsa, OK and All Surrounding Areas.

Triangle B Ranch formed in 1994 has been selling its Wagyu cattle in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Stigler, OK and surrounding areas since 2007.  TBR Wagyu Beef LLC was formed in August 2017 as a meat distribution company for the Eastern Oklahoma operation near Stigler, Oklahoma.

Now as the exclusive distributor of Wagyu beef from Stigler, OK, TBR's online store sells its full blood and American Wagyu beef products anywhere in the continental United States.

For six years prior to the ranch relocation to Eastern Oklahoma, Triangle B Ranch, Inc. meat products were distributed by Triangle B Meats initially in the North Texas area. The initial products were sold by the 1/4 or 1/2 carcass. As sales increased, products were sold online by the individual cut mostly to customers in the south central region of the U.S.

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