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Full-blood Wagyu Beef in Oklahoma City

We Provide Prime Plus Wagyu Beef in Oklahoma City, Stigler, Tulsa, OK and All Surrounding Areas.

Triangle B Ranch, established in 1994 by Don and Leah Brown near Valley View, Texas, is all about the beef. The couple originally raised Maine Anjou, Angus, and club calves, but all that changed in 2002 when Don had his first Wagyu steak at a five-star restaurant in Tennessee. He was so impressed and wanted to raise his own full-blood wagyu beef in Oklahoma City, that he began spending every bit of his free time researching the breed. He built connections with the small Wagyu community in the U.S. and breeders in Japan and Australia.

In fall 2006, Don used ET and AI to build a full-blood Japanese Black Wagyu herd utilizing superior and rare genetics he had purchased from around the world.

Today, the ranch is located 15 miles north of Stigler, Oklahoma on the Canadian river and spans 2200 acres with more than 400 head of females. Triangle B markets 100 Wagyu heifers and 10 bulls each year private treaty. They also sell full-blood Wagyu semen and embryos. Through TBR Wagyu Beef LLC, they have a farm-to-fork Wagyu beef operation where their Triangle B Ranch-raised Wagyu steers sell to high-end restaurants. They will harvest 200+ steers each year with a vision for expansion. Through this eCommerce website, customers can purchase a wide variety of Wagyu cattle products, Triangle B Ranch apparel, lotion and soap made from Wagyu oils, ranch knives and tools, steak knives, and grilling utensils.


Phone: 918-471-5939
Email: don@tbrwagyu.com
Location: 20309 E County Rd 1110 • Stigler, OK 74462